Oh! My Emotional Rainbow Journey

Oh! My Emotional Rainbow Journey

An arch of colors visible in the sky, caused by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere. The colors of the rainbow are generally said to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.”

-Oxford Languages

The mere word ‘rainbow’ makes me exhilarated. I just long to get a sight of it, which has become a rare image in the contemporary scenario.

Whenever I catch a glimpse of the rainbow, it reminds me of my childhood years, including college days, which evoke a lot of pleasant memories. Cloudy days, rainy seasons, roadside corn, wet school uniforms, dirty shoes, puddles on uneven roads (Splashing through it was heaven), paper boats. Pakodas without tea, eagerly waiting for the weather forecast so that the next day might be declared a rainy day by the school.

Oh! Not Again.

I was writing about the rainbow, but I drifted away to rainy days.

A rainbow is a combination of seven colors. Each color has its beauty and unique in its way, making it distinct from one another.

Sometimes, I have this feeling that my life is like a rainbow. I live one color from the rainbow palette each day; to some extent, a whole day is a mixture of varied colors. 

The sight of Amethyst, morning glory, Onion in the basket, lilac, lavender, orchid transports me to the violet land. It is the magical color of Imagination and spirituality as it has the energy of both red and blue. “I am Violet” is a book by Tania Duprey S., and it brilliantly describes the diversified skin color of her from her parents. It outlines a profound message of dissimilar from the rest but adoring one’s self at the same time. It made me contemplate in my thinking about our emotions erupting in varied forms, but I am unique in my way. 

Just the title indigo gives intense and flamboyant pulsation to my body as Indigo plants from a history book imprinted on my mind. It is a deep midnight blue and is a combination of deep blue and violet (Blue is dominating over red). Countless nights on my bed, I have this strong feeling that I need to defend people’s rights and help humanity to the core. It marks the beginning of an innovative passage of my life and gives a purpose to my existence. Fleeting Imagination or my transitory dream? Next morning, I am back with my senseless prejudices, narrow-mindedness, and inability to stand firm in today’s time. I turn into Indigo adults from time to time.

The color of the sky, maybe the splash of ink and vision of peacock, juicy blueberries on a basket that gives me calmness, serenity, stability, tranquility, relaxes my body and mind. It makes me aware of my ongoing responsibilities. I had not given any heed to the word “feeling blue” to be a phrase coined from an old custom among many old deepwater sailing ships. Still, the vast and lousy world misplaces this feeling of gloomy. My invisible attire’ feeling blue’ is my second skin.

Raw mangoes in summer, potted plants placed on my terrace, tender coconuts on the roadside, and grasses at the park make me cheerful. The power of green so subtly balances human selfishness and indifference with growth and harmony. Cordial neighbors, loving parents, or generous charity workers display the greenery of society and relationships. Is it the main reason for having a green room in theatres, to soothe the nerves of performers? I try to push the green monster out of my mind.

 Sunflower Garden, swarming of honey bees, peek into marigold, sunshine in the morning, gives me hope, confidence, optimism, ecstasy, loads of contentment, and brings cheerfulness. It is the most vibrating color that adds loyalty and enthusiasm on the way. I just remembered the rhyme “yellow yellow dirty fellow, sitting on the buffalo.” It might be describing a coward person, with no courage or weak-minded people, but I’m not too fond of it. For me, yellow is solely bliss.

Sunset at jogger’s park, pumpkin in lentils, raging fire, Orange Sindoor of Lord Hanuman brings positive energy to my life, offers emotional strength at the hour of turbulence, keeps me motivated and generates a feeling of spirituality. “Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow”- Wassily Kandinsky. The color orange lifts the personal limits that have been placed upon me by myself and set me free from inhibitions.

Ladybug on a rainy day, ripe tomatoes to go, red chilies pungent smell, baked bricks at the kiln, and lovely red rose to adore. All these kicks me into action, full of energy, endows me with courage. It symbolizes love and a mark of blissful married life. The robust red seeks revenge, anger and builds fear in mind, and that is why the color of blood is red as it gives life to us. I will see red, and I will see red if you explain to me about Hemoglobin protein regarding color red in blood.

I reveal all the vibrant colors of the rainbow in my life’s journey, now and then. Many times I use multiple shades of rainbow color to live my vivid life. I cannot suppress my emotions at times and places; the audience may be wrong. I do not want to hide my feelings anymore, as I think it may leave an everlasting scar in my mind.

I aspire to be the white light in the path of life’s emotional journey that holds a hidden spectrum of rainbow colors. I wish to get the prism of love to unravel it…

“Where does the rainbow end, in your soul, or on the horizon?”

-Pablo Neruda

I think my emotional rainbow culminates in my feisty soul that lays on the opposite face of torrent rain of feelings. “Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, and But You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

It is my emotional rainbow expedition with bright colors and not to spare a dull moment. Is it also your voyage?

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