From Detesting The Cycle Of Waiting To Relishing It

From Detesting The Cycle Of Waiting To Relishing It

“Waiting is the great vocation of the dispossessed.”

~Mary Gordon

Waiting is disheartening, lengthy, burdensome and ample of anguish :

When you are heart-broken and expecting to be comforted by someone.

To get a glimpse of one’s offspring by aged and lonely parents, who stay at faraway places.

When the date of verdict gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Listening to the voice of a soldier, posted at the frontier of our country.

Eyes glued to the ground, contemplating the outcome of an ongoing surgery, the family of the patient loitering outside the operation theatre.

In the expectation of an interview call for unemployed youth who waits for it day and night.

Ask the students and their parents how they were waiting anxiously for their examination results to be declared.

Ask the kins of a victim waiting in anticipation for a fair judgment.

When one is stranded in an island, trapped in a building or mine and waiting for the rescue team to reach the affected region.

Ask a distraught and traumatised patient who is on her path to recovery.

For a beggar or homeless to satiate his hunger throughout the day.

I am in desperation to get back to my regular life cum pre-pandemic era.

“The waiting game is like a gun without a trigger.”

– Kelvin Osaghae

It is worth to have the willingness to wait, and elation floats on air:

For an exhausted yet exhilarated new mom to hold her baby for the first time.

When you are idling to share the thrilling news with your closed buddy.

To discover the light at the end of the tunnel by a confined and fatigued body.

Watching raindrops fall, making a pitter-patter note after a muggy and parched day.

To procure a ticket to watch first Day and first Show Movie at one’s favourite theatre.

While watching the glow of an exhilarated bride, ready to get wedded.

When listening to the sigh of relief for the family of a coma patient after long hours of waiting.

To receive the first salary at the end of the month by the company’s new recruit.

Bagging the project after completing one’s task in the nail-biting period.

Jumping high after viewing the flowers blossom in the garden after a prolonged period.

Capturing the moment of utter happiness, on the faces of ladies keeping Karva Chauth fast when the moon emerges.

Have you ever felt the thrill after an adrenaline-pumping cricket tournament or a soccer match?

Waiting is not a waste of time. There’s a blessing behind the waiting season of your life.”


I cannot express my emotions about waiting to be a strained affair or a feather-touch romance. Waiting for someone or something has become a weakness that has crawled inside me for a long time. It has spread its branches everywhere in my mind and body, making it a perpetual home.

The waiting game is a vicious cycle. Once someone is sucked and trapped inside the loop, it becomes the most challenging task to come out from its vice-like clutches. It consumes a lot of time and engulfs one’s positive energy and leaves us being drained, listless and empty from within.

Do not get pulled in by the waiting world manoeuvring you to move inside it. It is more like desire, a mixture of positivity and negativity. Stir away from the path of waiting. If it offers a positive outcome like attaining a goal, then it is easier to have the right plan. It would strive to reduce mental exhaustion on the way.

On the other hand, we unknowingly get pushed to the cynical side of waiting. We perceive adverse effects. Life is full of complication, and it may not be a fabulous idea to wait for things to get more satisfying. Our decisions have to be accurate. How lucrative the waiting scheme might appear in the first sight instead of psychic agony, it should promote one’s own positive approach to tread on?

” From the Vampire of waiting to suck your blood cum energy and leaving you listless-Staying away is the smartest idea in one’s life.”

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